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I love life. Carpe diem is my daily motto. If I die tomorrow, I am content with all I've done. I live and love everyone to the fullest. I don't even know you but I <3 you. In the meantime though, things I LOVE are Mathematics, 60's soul, having lived in England, spinning and collecting 45's.
~ Saturday, March 3 ~

Missing shoes

There was this bad habit I had when I was very young. I’m talking about the age of 6, 7. When my family and I would come home from church, I would always kick my little dress shoes off right as soon as we entered the house. Then I proceeded to take off my itchy dress and slip into something a lot more comfortable for a 7 year old. And then that was it.

So when the next Sabbath morning (we followed the Jewish Sabbath in my house) came, I would be looking for my dress shoes before my mom found out that I couldn’t find them. I never, ever left them in the same place because I was just focused on getting them off ASAP. So one Saturday morning, I had to ask my mom for help because I couldn’t find one of them ANYWHERE. And as much as we looked, nothing came up.

My mom was livid.

I will never for the life of me forget what her solution was, she took me to Payless to buy me a new pair of shoes. Oh boy, were we late for church! And did I get a spanking after we came home and put my shoes in their new temporary home in my closet. :/

Yeah, I never left my shoes laying around anymore after that.

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